Birds of Michigan: Greeting the Morning

I love finches, because they add color and liveliness to the landscape. This painting catches a finch clinging to a twig as the morning light shines on him.

Original oil painting of a finch on a blade of grass by Yeshua's Child Art

“Greeting the Morning” original oil 11 X 14 canvas wrap

I painted the grays with a mix of ultramarine blue, transparent oxide red, black and titanium white;  I used these colors and added cadmium yellow for the body, as well as burnt sienna and raw umber.

Excited: Art Will Be in Another Gallery

I’m excited; I took some of my art and cards to the NCCA-Artsplace Gallery in Fremont,, Michigan yesterday, and they accepted several of my bird paintings, two landscapes, and my gift cards – she even wanted more of the new designs! (I need to get new frames for two of my other bird paintings, and then they can join the others).

The Art Director, Lindsey, was very gracious and helpful. She offered some suggestions to improve two of my landscapes. Of course, I looked around the gallery for awhile; the textiles there are absolutely gorgeous, and the other art was amazing.

I am very happy to have my art hanging in a gallery of this quality over the holidays. Yay!

Confession: Male Cardinal Bird Painting

I have a confession to make. Last week, I had grabbed a cardinal painting that I did for my roomate’s bathroom to scan (for a card), left it on the dining room table…and sold it that day. I felt terrible; in the excitement of the sale, I had forgotten about HER bathroom. I confessed, she laughed and forgave me, so I painted another (larger) one for her.

Here it is:

Original oil painting of a cheery red cardinal on a branch by Yeshua's Child Art

Birds of Michigan: Male Cardinal, original oil painting 11 X 14

I think he’s as good as the other – what do you readers think? I’ll show it to her tonight and let you know.

Lake Michigan Painting: Part Two

Here in part two of my lesson on how to paint Lake Michigan, I have the finished painting:

"Lake Michigan Nocturne" an original oil painting landscape of Lake Michigan at sunset by Yeshua's Child Art

“Lake Michigan Nocturne” original 18 X 24 oil painting on wrapped canvas.

Here, I’ve added more variety to the grasses, deepened and highlighted more, and added some seagulls going towards the sunset.

Lake Michigan Painting: Part 1

I love Lake Michigan, and at sunset it is gorgeous. Here I show the first three steps to creating a landscape of this beautiful body of water.

First, I did a rough sketch in ultramarine blue:

Rough sketch of Lake Michigan

Rough sketch of Lake Michigan


Next, I started blocking in my main colors. This is still very rough, but gives me an idea of what the finished layout will look like.

Step two in creating a Lake Michigan Landscape: color blockout

Color blockout for Lake Michigan painting

I used ultramarine blue, transparent oxide red, black and a bit of olive green for the grays; olive and sap green and yellow ochre, along with a bit of cadmium yellow light for the grass. The red is alizaron crimson and white, along with a bit of cad. red light and cad.yellow.


Now, I block things in, in more detail, using a finer brush. I make the highlights brighter, create better sky color, and work on the sand dune patterns.

Lake Michigan landscape painting with more detail

More detail in the Lake Michigan landscape

At this point, it’s getting closer. In my next post, I’ll share the finished painting.