Birds of Michigan: Robin

I decided to tackle a robin. He turned out okay, but I want to work more on the background. Here’s the start of it.

Robin,original oil painting of Michigan bird

Birds of Michigan: Robin, original oil 11 X 14

He’s a hungry fella, and is busy eating a bug as robins like to do. I enjoyed creating a bright light atmosphere around him; I wanted the feel of a sunny day. The feathers in the front were a mix of cad. yellow deep, orange, cad. red light, and alizarin, with shadows in ultramarine blue and alizarin. The brown and gray feathers were a mix of burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, black and hints of yellow ochre, with varying mixes of titanium white. The grass was a mix of sap green, ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, and white mixed in.

I’ll finish the background this week. It was fun doing a sunny painting, since it’s been cold with snow on the ground outside.

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