What Michigan Artists Do in the Winter: Part Two

A few weeks ago, I posted about what Michigan artists do during the long cold winter, when temperatures are subzero (24 degrees below zero two days ago, in fact), when cars without heaters for the engine block won’t start and the snow looks like powdered sugar on top of the pines and oaks.

We get ready for art fairs and apply to galleries. I am applying to two this summer, and both required going to ZAPP (an online artist application site) and providing a photo of my display booth. The only problem: I didn’t have a display booth.

So, I called to find out what to do. The really nice gal who answered said, “Well, you get a tent and set it up with your display.” I then asked the logical question: “in MICHIGAN? In WINTER? How?” I then was told to set it up inside. Oh. My formerly Texas brain didn’t make that leap in logic; tents are only outdoors down there.

So, I got a tent (with side panels, even). A very nice friend helped me build a fold-out display board. I put up the tent, inside a friend’s warehouse. And grabbed some of my pictures that aren’t in galleries and some cards, to make my display. Below is my “booth shot”:

a photograph of my art fair booth

My art booth

I didn’t put up the sides, but will during the art shows; but at least the display panel held my paintings, and the table held the cards. Now, the wait, to see if I get juried in.

So, what do Michigan artists do during the winter? We apply to art fairs, and shovel lots and lots and lots of snow!

Our Grouchy Grouse

I live in a national forest, down a lane that winds up to my house. And over the past few months, as my roommates and I drive home, we have seen a large winged grouse come flying at our car, attacking the rear windshield or bumper. This grouse has become quite tame, and feeds on bits of seed that fall from the feeders; we’ve even named him “Louie.”  So, I had to paint him, and below is the result.

"Ruffed Grouse" is one of the Birds of Michigan series of original oil paintings by Yeshua's Child Art

“Ruffed Grouse”, oil, 11 X 14, (c) 2015, part of the Birds of Michigan series

This is a bit brighter and more abstract than some of my bird paintings, because I fell in love with the bright colors in his feathers, and wanted to contrast this with the white snow and dark branches he likes to hide in.  Louie is certainly beautiful, and is fun to watch when he (she?) comes to eat with the other birds.

Maybe this spring, there will be babies, too!

Birds of Michigan: Mallard Ducks

I’m back to painting my first love, birds. Here is a pair of mallards. I loved working on the detail for the female. The background has some glare; I’ll upload the scan of this painting once I get a chance to.

"Mallard Ducks", part of the Birds of Michigan series of oil paintings

“Birds of Michigan: Mallard Ducks” 11 X 14 original oil painting by Yeshua’s Child Art

Palette used: water: ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, titanium white, burnt sienna in varying mixes; pthalo turquoise and yellow ochre added for reflections. For male duck: ultramarine blue, phtalo green, sap green, yellow ochre, cad. yellow light, dioxide purple, burnt sienna, lamp black, tit. white in varying mixes. Female: burnt sienna, burnt umber, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, cad. yellow med., tit. white in varying mixes.