Help a Human Trafficking Victim Go to College

This post is going to be very different from my usual ones. I have a friend, Kai, who is one of the most courageous people I have ever met. She was raised in Asia, and is an overcomer of human trafficking. At this time, she is trying to get her M.S. in Social Studies in the United States, was accepted at a top university, but then discovered that she needs to provide an affidavit that proves she has $128,500 before she can study here.

I don’t have that much money, and in fact, know very few AMERICANS who do.

If you would like to learn more, here is the link to her indiegogo funding site.

I have known Kai for years, and she is for real. This is a subject that I am very emotional about. In fact, awhile back, I painted a picture dedicated to these brave survivors, Below is the picture; I call it the “Tired Child” and it represents the hopelessness that these children feel in their world.

oil painting of a young child in a red doorway

“Tired Child” oil, 16 X 20

Next week I’ll go back to my regular posts, but felt I needed to share this. Also, please share this link with others, to help get the word out. Thank you!

Summer Bike Ride

Okay, I’m ready for spring, even if there still is snow on the ground in patches outside. So, I decided to paint a picture based on a photo of two friends that I took last summer, just to remind me that yes, warm weather will come back some day.

Summer Bike Ride" is an original oil painting of two friends biking over a wooden bridge by Yeshua's Child Art

“Summer Bike Ride” oils 16 X 20

I like pictures that tell a story, and this one does; I also like to play with painting light as it hits different surfaces.

Barns of Michigan: Old Gray Barn

I love to paint old barns. They have so much character. The older, the better. I am starting a “Barns of Michigan” series of paintings, and this is # 3 in the series, an old gray barn in the upper peninsula.

an oil painting of an old gray barn in Michigan's upper peninsula

Barns of Michigan: Old Gray Barn, oil 16 X 20 inches

The palette for this painting was ultramarine and cobalt blue, titanium white, lamp black, sap green, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cad. yellow med., cad yellow light, cad red light. I really liked the gray light of the hazy day, and tried to emphasize this in the painting.

Photo reference for the barn was a photo by Kathy Gaspar, used with her permission.

Cowboy Portrait

I’m currently taking a painting class, and just for fun, decided to do the portrait assignment. I used to do commission portraits, before I turned my brush towards painting birds and landscapes. But the old cowboy was irresistible, so I did a quick study:

a portrait study in oils by Yeshua's Child Art Studio

Cowboy portrait study, 16 X 20, oil

I like a limited palette for portraits, so I did the entire study using yellow ochre, cad. yellow medium, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, titanium white, ultramarine blue, and black. You can get a wide range of flesh and hair tones with those.

I also have some barns and birds I’m working on, I’ll share those soon!

Got Juried In at Kalamazoo Nature Center!

I’m excited; I just found out today that I got juried in to exhibit at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, which shows some wonderful art by local artists. Their head curator sent a very nice letter, letting me know she will be contacting me soon to make arrangements for an exhibit.

So, time to get the paintings all ready; and to go pick up a few of my bird paintings from some places they are being kept at.

Hopefully, by this summer, any of you that live in Michigan can go and see some of my art on display there.

Birds of Michigan: Great Blue Heron

I love the unique look, plumage and colors of the Great Blue Heron, one of the more elegant birds that can be seen along the waterways in Michigan. I placed this one in a setting near blue water, for color harmony.

Oil painting of a Great Blue Heron by Yeshua's Child Art, part of the Birds of Michigan series

“Great Blue Heron” oil, 11 X 14 on canvas board

Special thanks goes to Regina Brindle, a gifted bird photographer, for the photo reference, which was used with her permission.