Bird Bath

I love to paint water and birds, so this painting was a lot of fun. I thought it was so cute!

An oil painting of a bird taking a bath in water by Yeshua's Child Art Studio

“Bird Bath”, oil on canvas board, 11 X 14

The bird painting is based on a photo by Larry Gridley, who is a phenomenal photographer and who has given me permission to use his photos in paintings.

10 comments on “Bird Bath

  1. Laura says:

    Super cute little guy! Good job!

  2. Love this picture!!! The colors of the water and the background are quite unusual I think, but I think that´s what makes this picture really outstanding and special! Great work!!!

  3. RLee says:

    You paint both birds and water well !

  4. Marick says:

    Oh my gosh, this is fantastic! It’s so realistic… I’d give up almost anything to have your talent!

  5. dawnmarie says:

    I like his hair do.

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