Painted Tiles

I decided to paint some tiles with my birds, using Pebeo Porcelaine paints (which are dishwasher proof after drying for 3 days, then baking for a half hour in the oven).

bird tiles all.JPG

It was fun painting with the Pebeo paints. They are more like watercolors; most colors are transparent, and require several glazes to build up color. I have tested my mugs (some of which are at a local art gallery) in the dishwasher, and they do hold up well.

So, overall: these work well, and I can mix them a lot more easily than the oil-based markers, so I will probably use these in the future for porcelain painting.

I would love to hear from other artists about their experiences with porcelain painting. What works for you? Any other tips? Any negatives? I know others would like to hear, too.