Painting Christmas ornaments

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been painting Christmas ornaments (using enamel paints) for weeks now. The first set were wild birds (one is pictured above and another below) that I sold at a local art show, and also have for sale at a local store (Wild Birds Unlimited).

For those who would like to make their own: the paints I use are FolkArt enamel, which is permanent, reasonably priced, and works on glass and any other surface. I have been getting orders from people who have seen these; and also commissions to paint pet portraits (cats).

I love making these; it makes for a unique tree topper!

Lesson 2: color study

I have decided to put myself through a course of painting in the basics, as a refresher. In this part, I first did a value painting by:

1.Using burnt umber for the darks

2. Rubbing out my light areas;

3. I then went over it all again to darken the darkest areas, and added a touch of white for the lightest areas.

I then painted the local color over it once the under-painting dried. I call it “pumpkin soup” because it is a small pumpkin, a box of bone broth, and garlic salt. I can’t wait until next week, when I get to paint a portrait of an animal!

I did this on a canvas pad, the final is 16″X12″. The underpainting took two hours; the color study took 3 hours to complete.