Painting Christmas ornaments

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been painting Christmas ornaments (using enamel paints) for weeks now. The first set were wild birds (one is pictured above and another below) that I sold at a local art show, and also have for sale at a local store (Wild Birds Unlimited).

For those who would like to make their own: the paints I use are FolkArt enamel, which is permanent, reasonably priced, and works on glass and any other surface. I have been getting orders from people who have seen these; and also commissions to paint pet portraits (cats).

I love making these; it makes for a unique tree topper!

4 comments on “Painting Christmas ornaments

  1. yleniaely says:

    They are beautiful!! 😍

  2. Ao lovely! Wow, just wonderful.

  3. yleniaely says:

    I love these Christmas orbs! They are elegant and fabulous!! Many compliments!!

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