How to Paint a Cat Portrait : Lesson 1

I am currently painting a cat portrait for a friend of mine. In the next few blogs, I will share the process (she had given permission for me to do this).

I painted the canvas (11 X 15″) with burnt umber and raw umber mixed, then began picking out the lights and leaving the darks (above). This was to block in the main values.

Next, I worked on the background a bit. Since the cat has a lot of red in its fur, I decided to go with a green/blue mix (ultramarine blue, sap green, with some titanium white).

I also started adding some of the golden tones for the fur highlights (cadmium yellow), and mid-values (burnt sienna) on the body, and started work on the face with these same colors. The paint is still wet, so there is a lot of shine in this photo, but it shows the beginning stage of this portrait. Next, I will be working on more detail (in a future post).

One comment on “How to Paint a Cat Portrait : Lesson 1

  1. yleniaely says:

    Wow! It Is already very beautiful!!

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