Just before Dawn: Ohio Barn

A few weeks ago, I saw this barn in the early morning, and took a photo of it as a reference for a painting. I love the soft light just as the sun is getting to rise, which I tried to capture. This painting is in oils, 18 X 24″.

I prefer to use a limited palette: ultramarine blue; cerulean blue; titanium white; sap green, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow light; burnt umber.

Park and Stream painting

I love water, and so chose to paint some pooled water in the streambed of a park nearby. The most challenging part was the reflections, and also creating a sense of depth.

Reflection of the Sky, oil, 14 X 16″.
I used a limited palette for this painting of Titanium white; sap green; burnt umber, cadmium yellow light, yellow ochre, alizarin, and burnt sienna.

Value Study glass

I am taking an oil painting class, and today we did a value study. I chose to paint some lightbulbs, paper bags and wooden blocks.

The study was painted with raw umber and white only, and is partially completed (only 2 1/2 hours to do this in). The process was as follows:
1. I covered the canvas with an umber wash
2. I then subtracted the whites (rubbed with a cloth to create the lightest areas)
3. I then refined the whites, darks and mid-values with paint mixed

I enjoyed the challenge of painting glass and its reflections