Bird Paintings

 “Birds of Michigan” series paintings. Each is a completely original oil painting from my own photographs, observations, or my roomnate’s photos. While several have already sold, I can re-create a new original upon request. You can contact me for more information at 

You can also view my original art at the Artworks Gift Shop in Big Rapids, Michigan and the NCCA Art Gallery in Fremont, MI.

Prints and cards of many of these paintings can be purchased at my Fine Art America site.

An oil painting of a bird taking a bath in water by Yeshua's Child Art Studio

“Bird Bath”, oil on canvas board, 11 X 14

original oil painting of seagulls gathered on the Lake Michigan beach

“The Gathering” 16 X 20, original oil painting

"Mallard Ducks", part of the Birds of Michigan series of oil paintings

“Birds of Michigan: Mallard Ducks” (c) 2015 11 X 14 original oil painting












2 comments on “Bird Paintings

  1. JoDee Luna says:

    You do beautiful work…so vibrant! I feel like I’m there in person, watching each bird.

  2. I love your bird portraits you capture the heart and soul of nature in all of its wonder. Happy you stopped by my blog, now I can enjoy your art too. Kath.

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