What Michigan Artists Do in the Winter

Winter is full-blown here in western Michigan. And during this season when it’s harder to get out, many Michigan artists turn their hands to tasks such as:

Watching the snow build up outside. It is gorgeous, in spite of the cold.

Michigan yard covered with snow

front yard covered with snow

It is also fun to catch the woodpeckers eating the suet outside:

woodpecker eating suet during Michigan winter

woodpecker eating suet

Also, us artists who are also bird watchers fix up feeders our friends give us; this one had metal (which can cause the little toes to get frostbite) so I coated the perches with many coats of acrylic and let them dry, to make a plastic perch

bird feeder with perches coated with plastic

plastic coating for the perches

And, of course, enjoying the blue jay display outside in the bush:

Blue jay in a bush during Michigan winter

Blue jay in bush

I am also learning to cross-country ski (hey, all this snow has to be good for fun, too!)

It is also a time to apply to art fairs, which I am currently working at. Problem is, I left my (huge, bulky) booth in Texas when I moved here last year. So, I have to get a new tent, make a display, take a booth photo, and send it off, since most of the summer shows in Michigan want you to apply EARLY (as in during the long, cold winter months). It gives me something to look forward to, as I dream of warm June and July days.

Oh, yes, I’m still painting, too; I’ll share a painting in a few days that I’m working on! In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy the snow, if you’re from up north!