Pink Bouquet

A week ago, a friend sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers, to cheer me up during the…LONG….Michigan winter. I decided to paint it, so here it is:

Picture of a bouquet of pink flowers in a woven basket, painted by YeshuasChildARt studio

“The Pink Bouquet” (c)2015, 11 X 14 oil painting on canvas wrap

The deep background is a mix of ultramarine blue, olive green, burnt sienna, and lamp black, in several glazes.

I  created the basket with mixes of burnt sienna, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, cad. red med.; the pinks with alizarin crimson, cad. yellow med., cad. red light and titanium white, with deeper portions ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson; greens are sap green, cad yellow light, olive green and ultramarine blue in varying portions. The purple ribbon is dioxide purple with tit. white and ultramarine blue in varying mixes.