deck and flowers

It’s cold right now in Michigan. In fact, little tiny snowflakes (that my Michigan-born friends tell me is called “lake effect” and my Texas used-to self calls “too early”) are falling even as I write.

So, when a friend asked me to paint a picture of her deck and flowers for her, I was delighted. What better reminder of sunny summer days?

beautiful flowers on a deck, oil painting

Deck with flowers, oil, 18
X 24

I did a side photo of my painting, in hopes to reduce the glare. It only reduced it on the right side (that’s the actual wood deck color in the painting I did). I’ll keep working at taking photos; I should really wait until my paintings dry. The lake is one of the many around here in Lake County.


One thing I’ve discovered about living in Michigan that is VERY different from Texas is the ferns. They are everywhere, especially when you live in a state forest like I do.

They grow like weeds here, but are pretty. I think that the ferns and moss (my lawn in the front is actually partially moss) are beautiful beyond belief.  So, I decided to paint some of the ferns.  I wanted to contrast the lush greens against the shadows of the forest.

"Lake County Michigan Ferns" original oil painting by Yeshua's child art

“Lake County Ferns” original oil 11 X 14

One other note: the mosquitoes have been vicious this week, they like to hide under the ferns, so out comes the spray again. I WILL continue to paint and take photos in spite of them!