Wild Loons (Christmas Present Painting)

For Christmas, I gave out two gift certificates good for a painting of their choice to two friends. One, who is a birdwatcher like me, immediately said, “I want a painting of Loons” (which show up on her lake, they visit every fall and spring here in Michigan). The other said, “A moose!” (I’ll show that one in a few days)

I didn’t have any loon photos that I or my roommate had taken, so I “cheated.” I went to a wonderful artist’s forum (wetcanvas.com), to their photo library, and found some good photos. So, unlike my normal paintings, the photo references was taken by another individual:┬áSteve Mac, a gifted photographer. ; I put photos of two of his loons together into a painting.

"Wild Loons" is an oil painting of wild loons on a lake, based upon photos taken by Steve Mac, on the WetCanvas artist site.

“Wild Loons” oil painting, 16 X 20, photo reference credit Steve Mac.

Since this was a private Christmas present, and not for sale, I’m assuming that it was okay to use this photo, as long as I give photo credit for the reference photos that I used. I do hope my friend enjoys the painting! They are beautiful birds indeed; I love to hear their lonely calls in the early evenings.