Seagull Sunset: Lake Michigan

I love water, and I love birds, so in this painting, I combined both. It’s based on a recent trip to Lake Michigan at sunset, when it is especially beautiful.

Seagulls on the beach at Lake Michigan, an original oil painting by Yeshua's Child Art

“Seagulls at Evening” 18 X 24 canvas wrap $245

I went with a bit brighter colors than I normally do, which was fun (thalo green mixed with cerulean and ultramarine blue). I mixed burnt sienna and ultramarine, plus yellow ochre for the sand; and titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow light and cadmium red light for the reflections and highlights.

Excited: Art Will Be in Another Gallery

I’m excited; I took some of my art and cards to the NCCA-Artsplace Gallery in Fremont,, Michigan yesterday, and they accepted several of my bird paintings, two landscapes, and my gift cards – she even wanted more of the new designs! (I need to get new frames for two of my other bird paintings, and then they can join the others).

The Art Director, Lindsey, was very gracious and helpful. She offered some suggestions to improve two of my landscapes. Of course, I looked around the gallery for awhile; the textiles there are absolutely gorgeous, and the other art was amazing.

I am very happy to have my art hanging in a gallery of this quality over the holidays. Yay!