Lake Michigan: Symphony in Blue

I love painting water, and in this one, I wanted to play with the range of blues in the evening (I went semi-abstract).

Symphony in Blue, painting of Lake Michigan in oils

“Symphony in Blue” original oil painting, 16 X 20 canvas wrap

I used cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, cad. red light and titanium white; along with sap green and cad yellow light for the palette.

Lake Michigan Painting: Part Two

Here in part two of my lesson on how to paint Lake Michigan, I have the finished painting:

"Lake Michigan Nocturne" an original oil painting landscape of Lake Michigan at sunset by Yeshua's Child Art

“Lake Michigan Nocturne” original 18 X 24 oil painting on wrapped canvas.

Here, I’ve added more variety to the grasses, deepened and highlighted more, and added some seagulls going towards the sunset.

Lake Michigan Painting: Part 1

I love Lake Michigan, and at sunset it is gorgeous. Here I show the first three steps to creating a landscape of this beautiful body of water.

First, I did a rough sketch in ultramarine blue:

Rough sketch of Lake Michigan

Rough sketch of Lake Michigan


Next, I started blocking in my main colors. This is still very rough, but gives me an idea of what the finished layout will look like.

Step two in creating a Lake Michigan Landscape: color blockout

Color blockout for Lake Michigan painting

I used ultramarine blue, transparent oxide red, black and a bit of olive green for the grays; olive and sap green and yellow ochre, along with a bit of cadmium yellow light for the grass. The red is alizaron crimson and white, along with a bit of cad. red light and cad.yellow.


Now, I block things in, in more detail, using a finer brush. I make the highlights brighter, create better sky color, and work on the sand dune patterns.

Lake Michigan landscape painting with more detail

More detail in the Lake Michigan landscape

At this point, it’s getting closer. In my next post, I’ll share the finished painting.

Birds of Michigan Series: Winter Partners

I love to paint birds, and winter scenes, so this painting combines these two. One is a sparrow, the other a chickadee. What I love about the sparrow is the fact that his posture reminds me of a “grumpy old man” sitting there on the bush.  These guys came to the feeders last winter, and make a fun subject.

Original oil painting of a sparrow and a chickadee in the Michigan winter

“Winter Partners” original oil 11 X 14 on wrapped canvas


One thing I’ve discovered about living in Michigan that is VERY different from Texas is the ferns. They are everywhere, especially when you live in a state forest like I do.

They grow like weeds here, but are pretty. I think that the ferns and moss (my lawn in the front is actually partially moss) are beautiful beyond belief.  So, I decided to paint some of the ferns.  I wanted to contrast the lush greens against the shadows of the forest.

"Lake County Michigan Ferns" original oil painting by Yeshua's child art

“Lake County Ferns” original oil 11 X 14

One other note: the mosquitoes have been vicious this week, they like to hide under the ferns, so out comes the spray again. I WILL continue to paint and take photos in spite of them!

How to Paint a Bird: Learning to make a video

A friend of mine has a videorecorder, and so the other day, I decided to try and make my first video. Here’s what I have to say about it: the adage “you learn from your mistakes” is certainly true!

I DID learn a lot about what NOT to do, and so the next time I record, I’ll know things such as how to set up the recorder, how far away, lighting, and how to edit better. But it was kind of fun doing it, and making a “speed painting” effect.

Here’s a link to the video. I am painting a titmouse, because I have sold several of these (I will be making canvas prints from now on!).

Below is the finished painting. Oh, and Happy Labor Day!

oil painting of titmouse by Yeshua's Child Art

Birds of Michigan: Titmouse #2 8 X 10 canvas wrap