Cardinal Cup

I am still working on learning how to paint coffee mugs using different media. Here, I painted a female cardinal using oil-based sharpies that I baked.

Coffee Cup with female cardinal painted on it

Female Cardinal Cup

I like the way the colors turned out. Next, I am painting some cups with Pebeo Porcelaine paints, which I understand are more permanent. I have one almost done, and will post how it turned out next time.

I also plan on painting some ceramic tiles that I got, after doing a series of cups. I am really enjoying the process of painting on porcelain. The cleanup is a lot faster than with oil paints!


More cup painting

I’ve decided to try hand painting ceramic cups with oil-based sharpie markers and baking them. The first two, I baked at 425 degrees for 45 minutes.  The second two, I baked at 350 degrees for the same time. Here’s the result:

I had seen recommendations for both temperatures online. At the higher temp, the colors bake out and turn grayer; I also lost my whites (they turned yellow on the jay). At the lower temperature, the colors retain their bright hues.

I then tested both batches in the dishwasher, and they all came through fine. Although if I give them as gifts, I will tell people “handwash only.” So, I learned some interesting things about painting cups.

I did have a friend commission four cups for her mother, after she saw the ones on the right. And the great part is that the cups are inexpensive; I bought them at thrift stores for 25 cents each; I got a set of 8 blue cups at this price, and 2 white mugs.