River Study: using a palette knife

Once again, I picked up my palette knife, and tackled creating a painting with one of my favorite subjects: water. Here’s the result:

a study of river water over rocks by Yeshua's Child Art

River Study, oil, 10 X 14

This was a ton of fun, because I used a palette knife on the rocks, and for some of the water ripples.

(For all my bird watching friends, I am working on a picture of mallards, so that will go up in a few days)

Palette for the above study: Rocks were created with yellow ochre, dioxide purple, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and cad. yellow light in varying degrees; shadows were created with the same, with the addition of olive green and black in the darkest areas. Some areas, transparent red oxide was used as well.  Water was created with pthalo turquoise, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue and titanium white in varying degrees, mixed with olive green for shadows.