Cowboy Portrait

I’m currently taking a painting class, and just for fun, decided to do the portrait assignment. I used to do commission portraits, before I turned my brush towards painting birds and landscapes. But the old cowboy was irresistible, so I did a quick study:

a portrait study in oils by Yeshua's Child Art Studio

Cowboy portrait study, 16 X 20, oil

I like a limited palette for portraits, so I did the entire study using yellow ochre, cad. yellow medium, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, titanium white, ultramarine blue, and black. You can get a wide range of flesh and hair tones with those.

I also have some barns and birds I’m working on, I’ll share those soon!

Branding Day

Since before I moved to Michigan, I lived in Texas, I saw a lot of cattle. I even grew up on a cattle farm on the east coast. So, I decided to paint a picture that reflects some of my memories.

"Branding Day" depicts 3 ranchers branding a steer

“Branding Day” oil, 18 X 20 on linen canvas

Just so ya’ll know, my ex was a real cowboy who rode a horse and checked the fence line. I worked on a ranch two years ago, and so saw plenty of cowboys at work. I enjoy doing paintings that “tell a story” from time to time.

Palette: yellow ochre, burnt sienna, sap green, ultramarine blue, titanium white, cad. red light, alizarin crimson.