Got Juried In at Kalamazoo Nature Center!

I’m excited; I just found out today that I got juried in to exhibit at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, which shows some wonderful art by local artists. Their head curator sent a very nice letter, letting me know she will be contacting me soon to make arrangements for an exhibit.

So, time to get the paintings all ready; and to go pick up a few of my bird paintings from some places they are being kept at.

Hopefully, by this summer, any of you that live in Michigan can go and see some of my art on display there.

Birds of Michigan: Great Blue Heron

I love the unique look, plumage and colors of the Great Blue Heron, one of the more elegant birds that can be seen along the waterways in Michigan. I placed this one in a setting near blue water, for color harmony.

Oil painting of a Great Blue Heron by Yeshua's Child Art, part of the Birds of Michigan series

“Great Blue Heron” oil, 11 X 14 on canvas board

Special thanks goes to Regina Brindle, a gifted bird photographer, for the photo reference, which was used with her permission.

Birds of Michigan: Mallard Ducks

I’m back to painting my first love, birds. Here is a pair of mallards. I loved working on the detail for the female. The background has some glare; I’ll upload the scan of this painting once I get a chance to.

"Mallard Ducks", part of the Birds of Michigan series of oil paintings

“Birds of Michigan: Mallard Ducks” 11 X 14 original oil painting by Yeshua’s Child Art

Palette used: water: ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, titanium white, burnt sienna in varying mixes; pthalo turquoise and yellow ochre added for reflections. For male duck: ultramarine blue, phtalo green, sap green, yellow ochre, cad. yellow light, dioxide purple, burnt sienna, lamp black, tit. white in varying mixes. Female: burnt sienna, burnt umber, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, cad. yellow med., tit. white in varying mixes.

Moose: Another Christmas Painting

In my last post, I mentioned that my other good friend wanted a painting of a moose. Why? Because her house is literally FILLED with moose things: moose towels, cups, figurines, coasters, etc., she is just nuts about them. So, when I gave her a gift certificate for a painting, she said, “A moose! That’s what I want!”  Okay, I have never painted a moose before. I have no photos that I have taken of a moose myself, because…I have yet to see one here in the woods where I live. So, I went back to WetCanvas, and found a great reference photo by StalkingtheDawn there, and used it, with a photo I have of the woods here as background.

Here’s how it looks:

Oil painting of a moose in the woods, based upon a reference photo by stalksthedawn on WetCanvas

Painting of a moose, oils, 16 X 20

So,  photo reference is stalkingthedawn on Wet Canvas (for the moose), and my own back yard (photo shown below) for the background. This is the nice part of living in the woods: lots of trees, etc.

photo of woods in Michigan

picture of the woods in my back yard

Okay, after this I will go back to painting from my own photos, or life (I’m actually painting a bouquet of flowers from life, when it’s more done I’ll share it here). Plus, my own bird and barn pics, from my own photos. But it was fun trying to figure out how to paint these beautiful animals.

Birds of Michigan: Robin

I decided to tackle a robin. He turned out okay, but I want to work more on the background. Here’s the start of it.

Robin,original oil painting of Michigan bird

Birds of Michigan: Robin, original oil 11 X 14

He’s a hungry fella, and is busy eating a bug as robins like to do. I enjoyed creating a bright light atmosphere around him; I wanted the feel of a sunny day. The feathers in the front were a mix of cad. yellow deep, orange, cad. red light, and alizarin, with shadows in ultramarine blue and alizarin. The brown and gray feathers were a mix of burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, black and hints of yellow ochre, with varying mixes of titanium white. The grass was a mix of sap green, ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, and white mixed in.

I’ll finish the background this week. It was fun doing a sunny painting, since it’s been cold with snow on the ground outside.

Birds of Michigan: Greeting the Morning

I love finches, because they add color and liveliness to the landscape. This painting catches a finch clinging to a twig as the morning light shines on him.

Original oil painting of a finch on a blade of grass by Yeshua's Child Art

“Greeting the Morning” original oil 11 X 14 canvas wrap

I painted the grays with a mix of ultramarine blue, transparent oxide red, black and titanium white;  I used these colors and added cadmium yellow for the body, as well as burnt sienna and raw umber.