People and Still Life Paintings

Each oil painting below is an original, based on life or photos that I or my roomate have taken.  Several are for sale, or I can repaint those that have sold upon request: you can reach me with inquiries at 

acrylic inspirational painting

acrylic still life, 16 X 20 on canvas board, “Faith” $475 SOLD

HisLove inspirational oil painting by Yeshua's Child Art

“His Love” original oil painting, 16 X 20 canvas Board $425

Best Friends Foreversmall

“Best Friends” original oil on 18 X 24 canvas board $475

The Church Picnic

“The Church Picnic” original oil, 18 X 24 canvas board, $425

At the Beach Afternoon

“By the Sea” oil, 16 X 20 on canvas board $225


acrylic floral bouquet in blue by Yeshua's Child Art

“Blue Bouquet” original floral still life, 16 X 20 $245 SOLD

original oil painting of a still life of cabbages, leeks, a cloth and knife by Yeshua's Child Art Studio

“Cabbages and Leeks” still life, oil, 16 X 20

Yeshua and child on beach

“He Walks with Me” oil on canvas board $175

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