Resources for Artists


As an artist, I am always looking for helpful information. This page is where I’ll share with you some of the better resources I’ve discovered online (and off!) for artists.

Artist Forums

WetCanvas: I am a big believer in community, and have found that wetcanvas is one of the best for artists who do representational art. They have a wonderful wildlife forum that I belong to, and offer resources such as a reference photo library (which I plan to use in the future for a painting). has an excellent painting area for artists of every ability, from beginner to advanced. I have gone by and checked their articles out from time to time (the artist who moderated this site for years wrote lots of articles on every aspect of painting).

Deviant Art: if you like modern, fantasy and digital art, this is an outstanding online gallery and forum.

The Abundant Artist has some helpful articles as well, and is well worth checking out.

Free Art Instruction

Youtube has tons of tutorials, for free. Just go to, and type in the type of painting you want to learn, and you’ll have plenty of choices. I plan to add some more videos myself on how to paint birds when I get time.

I’ll add some more resources over time. And please share any that have been helpful to you, I’ll add them here.


2 comments on “Resources for Artists

  1. Thank you for posting the above references. Very thoughtful of you and kind! Looking forward to more additions!

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