Shhhhh…..Secret Birthday Present

I have a friend who is an avidĀ bird watcher like me, so I decided to experiment, and paint a bird cup for her birthday next week. Here’s the result:

chickadee mug

I first painted the chickadee with acrylics, then coated it with several coats of clear enamel paint. I know that ideally, I would paint the bisque ware with ceramic paints and fire it, but didn’t have time. I also bought some oil-based sharpie markers (the kind that you bake), I plan to experiment with them, and will share the results in a few weeks.

Anyway, my friend never goes online, so my secret is safe. And, it was a lot of fun to paint!

Photo credit: chickadee is based on a wonderful photo by David Slaughter at Wet Canvas artist’s forum, in their reference library ( I am a memberĀ  of Wet Canvas, and can’t recommend it enough). Since this was a private gift, and not a gallery sale item, I didn’t use one of my own photos for the reference.