Yay! Sold Out and Other Great Stuff

Okay, I’m very, very glad – my art cards have been selling well at local art galleries during the holidays, and today I sold out of one of the card lines (the blue jay – I should have made more!). I also created a profile and will have my art on the Saatchi Art Gallery online.

I also sold two paintings this past month, and have two commissions. That’s all great news.

However, I have yet to make an online sale. So, I got to thinking…why? My guess is that if people actually SEE my art, they like it. I took some cards to a local craft fair the other day, to find out how to exhibit at the next one, and the response was gratifying: the person who oversees the show saw my cards, said “OMG! I have to go show these to the other folks here, these are amazing!” and then she proceeded to show them to her friends who liked them a lot, I got a commission that day as well.

So, I guess I will continue to work on offline sales. I do have a friend who is a professional photographer who is going to help me take actual decent photos of my paintings (you now, without all the glare and stuff that I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of).

I would love to hear from other artists out there – is your experience like mine? Are you selling most of your works offline? What have you experienced in this area?

Well, the sales did make for a happy holiday!

Excited: Art Will Be in Another Gallery

I’m excited; I took some of my art and cards to the NCCA-Artsplace Gallery in Fremont,, Michigan yesterday, and they accepted several of my bird paintings, two landscapes, and my gift cards – she even wanted more of the new designs! (I need to get new frames for two of my other bird paintings, and then they can join the others).

The Art Director, Lindsey, was very gracious and helpful. She offered some suggestions to improve two of my landscapes. Of course, I looked around the gallery for awhile; the textiles there are absolutely gorgeous, and the other art was amazing.

I am very happy to have my art hanging in a gallery of this quality over the holidays. Yay!

Whoo Hoo! (Got Juried In)

Okay, I am very excited. My art got juried in at a local gallery: ArtWorks in Big Rapids, Michigan. I just talked with one of the artists there on the phone and my art will soon be hanging in their gift gallery. 

Word on the street here in West Michigan is that they do pretty well in sales so I am very happy. They also seem like a great bunch on folks, which is just as important. 

So, the saga of the artist continues….now, I have to go get my canvases and get them framed. Yes, I did the big “No, no.” I took them in unframed for jurying. Thankfully, they looked at the art itself and not the presentation. 

Time to celebrate!!!!