Painted Tiles

I decided to paint some tiles with my birds, using Pebeo Porcelaine paints (which are dishwasher proof after drying for 3 days, then baking for a half hour in the oven).

bird tiles all.JPG

It was fun painting with the Pebeo paints. They are more like watercolors; most colors are transparent, and require several glazes to build up color. I have tested my mugs (some of which are at a local art gallery) in the dishwasher, and they do hold up well.

So, overall: these work well, and I can mix them a lot more easily than the oil-based markers, so I will probably use these in the future for porcelain painting.

I would love to hear from other artists about their experiences with porcelain painting. What works for you? Any other tips? Any negatives? I know others would like to hear, too.


Cardinal Cup

I am still working on learning how to paint coffee mugs using different media. Here, I painted a female cardinal using oil-based sharpies that I baked.

Coffee Cup with female cardinal painted on it

Female Cardinal Cup

I like the way the colors turned out. Next, I am painting some cups with Pebeo Porcelaine paints, which I understand are more permanent. I have one almost done, and will post how it turned out next time.

I also plan on painting some ceramic tiles that I got, after doing a series of cups. I am really enjoying the process of painting on porcelain. The cleanup is a lot faster than with oil paints!


Learn How to Paint a Bird – and Help Someone Deserving

I am trying to help my friend, Kai, raise funds to come to the U.S. and study for her master’s in social work. As mentioned previously, she is a victim of human trafficking, who is dedicating her career to helping others break free of this vicious cycle.

Curious blue jay looking at ice on a stump

Birds of Michigan: Curious Jay (c)2014 11X14 oil painting

To help out, I am willing to offer 4 painting lessons (including critiques and suggestions on improvement) to those who would like to learn how to paint a bird of their choice – either your photo, or one of mine, to the first 11 people who read this post, and donate $20 or more to her campaign on indiegogo (click here to visit her page). I have to limit the number of people to 11, to give you the time and attention you would deserve.

If you do choose to do so, please contact me by email at to let me know that you would like your lessons.

The lessons will include:

  • How to sketch a bird and rough out the background, including tips on good design
  • Blocking in your colors, with tips on the types and sizes of brushes to use, how to mix the colors, and how to get the values blocked in
  • Up to 3 critiques of your painting
  • How to get the “fine details” that will make your painting stand out.
  • Feather patterns and how to portray them
  • Color harmony
  • Using the background to make a better painting (some landscape painting tips)

I look forward to helping other artists with learning how to paint birds, one of my favorite subjects.

And to helping a friend who really deserves it.