How to Paint an Old Barn: Steps 5-8

Old Michigan Painting, oil painting by Yeshua's Child Art studio

Old Barn Painting final

Here are the next steps in painting the above old barn painting (I decided to show the finished product first!)

Step 5: Adding More Details 

picture of adding more barn and background detail to oil painting of barn

Step 5: adding barn and background detail

As you can see, in this step I added some of the background trees, and some more detail to the barn itself. I like to get my center of focus well in hand before doing the foreground. I added more mixes of burnt umber and ultramarine blue for darks in the barn, and added highlights of ultramarine blue, cerulean blue and titanium white to the roof. The background trees got scrubbed in with a bit of burnt sienna, burnt umber and cerulean mixes.

Step 6: starting the Foreground

Adding a rusty disc tool and grasses to the foreground

Adding a rusty disc tool and grasses to the foreground

Okay, I felt like the painting needed “something more” so I added a rusty old disc tool to the foreground, and have started putting in some of my grasses, using mixes of burnt sienna and yellow ochre, along with ultramarine blue for darks.

Step 7: Adding More Foreground and Barn Detail

adding yet more details to the foreground and barn

Step 7: Adding Foreground and Barn details

At this point, I keep going in with mixes of burnt umber, yellow ochre, and my blues for the grasses; and with the previously described colors for the barn, to add in more details. I pulled some cerulean hints into the grasses for color harmony.

For Step 8: I add my darkest darks (burnt umber and black mix) to the barn and old disc-er, add more grass details and highlights, with the finished product at the beginning of this post.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson in how to paint an old barn!

How to Paint an Old Barn: Steps 1 – 4

I decided to paint another old barn for my “Barns of Michigan” series of oil paintings. And also decided to photograph the process for readers, to show the steps in creating a realistic old barn in oils.

Step 1: Block in the sky and ground areas

blocking in sky and ground in an old barn painting lesson

Old Barn Painting Step 1

In any landscape painting, it is critical to decide how much sky you will have, and also determine the main colors. I usually block in the sky first, using a mix of cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, and titanium white, with a hint of burnt umber for cloud shadows, and also do a warm underpainting (yellow ochre, burnt sienna, cad. yellow light) for my ground.

Step 2: Sketch in the barn

Old Barn oil painting lesson: step 2 sketching in the barn

Old Barn Painting: Step 2

This next step is critical: getting the perspective and shape right. I try to do the best possible sketch at this point, using perspective. I will rework some areas later, but I am sitting the barn where I want it in the picture at this point, using ultramarine blue to sketch it in.

Step 3: Blocking in the Barn Main Shapes

blocking in the barn areas and colors in this free oil painting lesson

Old Barn Oil Painting Step 3

Now, I start painting in the barn and roof, blocking in the initial colors, and getting some of the darks in for old boards and missing board areas. It’s starting to look like a barn now. I use burnt sienna, burnt umber, and ultramarine blue, for the barn boards; and use these same colors mixed with titanium white and a bit of cerulean blue on the roof. Right now, I’m just “roughing in ” the shape of the barn; detail will come later with other layers. This will sit overnight to dry.

Step 4: adding more detail to side wall

Old Barn oil painting lesson: adding detail to the barn walls

Old Barn Painting: Step 4

Now for the fun part: adding more detail to the roof and side of the barn. I do this by adding darks (burnt umber, ultramarine blue) and lights (burnt sienna, yellow ochre, burnt umber and a hint of white) to detail the boards more. This is when the sketch done earlier shows: the perspective “makes’ the picture in a sense.

In the next steps, I will be adding the foreground and more details.

Portrait Day 7

The portrait is finally done. For some reason, my camera picked up more yellow than is in the original.

The final portrait by Yeshua's Child Art

Portrait Day 7

I added yet more details to the face, softened transitions, added more details to the dog’s fur. The pit bull was painted with raw umber, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue for darks; and yellow ochre, burnt sienna and raw umber in varying degrees, mixed with titanium white, for the lighter areas. This was a fun portrait to do; I wanted to catch the deep love between my friend and her dog, which is why I went with warmer tones overall.

Portrait Day 4

I’ve added some more highlights, shadows and definition, and worked more on the pit bull. There’s still a lot more detail to be done, but it’s coming along.

Lesson 3 in How to Paint a Portrait by Yeshua's Child Art

Adding more detail to the portrait

I warmed up the flesh tones a bit (using med, cad. yellow, titanium white and a hint of yellow ochre for the lighter areas; I added ultramarine blue and burnt sienna for shadow areas in the skin. For the dog, I added raw umber, yellow ochre, and a grey mixed with burnt sienna, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue and titanium white.

I will work on the transitions, and defining more details, tomorrow.

Portrait Day 3

Lesson 2 in how to paint a portrait by Yeshua's Child Art

Portrait Day 3: Starting to add details

Today, I added some highlights, shadows, and more detail, especially to the girl. I am also adding more colors to the dog’s coat. I am trying to keep my light consistent in the background and on the objects; it’s a warm mix of cad. yellow med., yellow ochre, and titanium white. It’s starting to come along; I’ll share more tomorrow.

New Portrait Days 1 and 2

Someone liked my portraits of my friend’s children enough that I was asked to paint another portrait.

On day 1, I created the background in a very light (high key) cad. yellow light, a hint of yellow ochre and tit. white. On day 2, I blocked in the girl and her dog.

Here it is with the rough block ins:

Lesson 1 in "How to paint a portrait" by Yeshua's Child Art

Color block in

Tomorrow I will create more details.